Privacy policy

Treatment of your data

Kibo Living has a clear policy for dealing with your data

Kibo Living is keen to prevent any misuse of this information, while providing the best possible service to our customers.

  • Kibo Living will not disclose data to third parties.
  • Kibo Living does not send information from third parties to our customers.
  • You can at any time ask to be removed from mailing lists, or be completely removed from the Kibo Living database. Simply send an email or contact us otherwise. Personal data will be stored until we receive a message that the personal data needs to be removed.
  • You can always get the information Kibo Living may have about you, and you may object in accordance with the law.

If you have questions or comments to Kibo Living's information policy, please feel free to send us an email.

We respect our customers and our visitors' privacy. We take it very seriously and have created guidelines to ensure that our customers' privacy is not violated. Below you can read what we have done to live up to our own requirements.

What information is collected by Kibo Living

Kibo Living collects and stores your personal information when you buy from us or when you sign up for our newsletter. We register your name, address and email. We store this information in order to expedite your order in the best possible way and so that you can place repeat orders without having to enter your address information again.

At Kibo Living web site, we collect information about which areas are visited. These data are not collected for the individual user. We will not give this information to third parties. We use data on all our user navigation in order to understand how our users as a group is using Kibo Living and seeks in consequence to make the website better. We cannot see where you come from or where you go surfing on the Internet.

We gather information on what our users as a group, like most of the products. This information is used to improve the website. We may use information about your purchases to send you special offers, if you've signed up for this service. We will not sell or otherwise disclose information about your purchases to third parties.

Does Kibo Living share information with other

At Kibo Living the information you share with us is both personal and confidential. We never sell your personal data - name, email address, credit card information or any information about you to others unless we are entrusted by law to do so.

How can Kibo Living protect my information?

We have made various efforts to ensure your information. Your personal information is stored on secure networks, and can only be read by few people with special rights. We do not store customer data encrypted. We do not transmit customer data encrypted. We will never see your credit card information as all transactions are conducted through certified partners.

How does
Kibo Living use my email address

Your email address is used to identify you on the website. We use your address to write to you regarding your purchase or the competitions you have participated in. Also, you have the option to receive our weekly newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe from this you can write to customer service or simply click Unsubscribe, when receiving the newsletter.

Your Authentication

By using Kibo Living’s website, you allow us to gather information as described here. If we later change our policy, it will be written on this page.

Tell us what you think

If you have questions or comments, please send us an email through the contact form.