Kibo Living

Based on a passion for luxurious living and a desire to start a privately held company, Kiki Borch-Christensen founded Kibo Living in 2013.

It has been an interesting and evolving journey, which led to the conclusion that many of the world’s wonderful furniture brands have not yet entered the Nordic countries, despite the our great desire for furniture and interior design.

The Nordic way of living is very distinct, and many brands have recognized the need for a dedicated agent if they want to penetrate this unique and desirable market. By providing this service, Kibo Living facilitates the opportunity not only to locate amazing furniture, but also to work in long-term partnerships.

Kibo Living is both an agent and a distributor, and thereby we sell business to business and directly to the end consumer.

This is the purpose of Kibo Living, and we fulfill it with great pleasure!

Owner of Kibo Living